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Noutati VAG ( Volkswagen,Audi,Seat,Skoda,Porsche etc.)


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Polo MPV 2009, conform Autobild:

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Volkswagen Asks Public to Name SUV


Nanuk: Eskimo for small polar bear.

Namib: a desert in Namibia.

Rockton: a play on the word "rock" and its strength.

Tiguan: a combination of the words "tiger" and "iguana."

Samun: a hot desert wind that blows in North Africa and some Arabian countries.

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Volkswagen s-a pus serios pe treaba in ceea ce priveste sistemele de siguranta si motoarele, iata cu ce vor fi echipate in curand modelele din grupul VAG. :(

VW Latest Developments in Vehicle Dynamics and Safety

Volkswagen high tech for greater safety and driving fun

Pioneering: New GTI 53+1, steering machine and driving dynamics control

In production: ESP “Steering pulse” and “Trailer stabilization” functions

Revolutionary: ABSplus reduces offroad braking distance by up to 20 percent

Progress protects. Nowhere does progress of this kind have such a direct impact on people’s lives as in the medical and transportation fields. Advances in medicine heal people and even prevent disease. Advances in transportation technology protect people when accidents occur and even prevent accidents from happening. The latter aspect relates to accident avoidance, and applied to the automobile it is referred to as active safety. Volkswagen relies on progress and for decades now has been developing automobiles whose potential for active safety has been pioneering. Take the example of ESP: The first generation of the Electronic Stabilization Program debuted as early as 1998 in the Passat and Golf models. For the first time ESP made it possible to gain some mastery over skidding accidents by active control of lateral dynamic behavior. Because it is used in affordable vehicles produced by the millions, ESP was suddenly no longer just a luxury car technology, rather it became available to all car drivers. Since then, in Germany alone approx. 800 lives have been saved annually thanks to ESP. That is an example of democracy in technological progress.


The fact is: Volkswagen is continually improving the active safety of its vehicles. In this context progress also means taking completely new approaches. Innovative development tools in particular make it possible to sound out the limits of driving physics more perfectly than ever and to exceed them in a defined and safe way when necessary for testing purposes. At the same time these high-tech development helpers work entirely objectively, and tests are also always reproducible. The latest of these tools is a car that can be used to objectively analyze the limits of driving dynamics: The Golf GTI 53+1. It steers, brakes and accelerates; and it races through handling courses independently. If desired it can accomplish this at full performance and at the limits of the feasible.

Additionally, there are development tools such as the so-called Steering Machine for the double lane change, and Integral Driving Dynamics Control (IFDR) that is used to achieve further improvements in components such as steering, suspension and damping. Just how well these highly advanced research and development tools interact with one another was demonstrated at the Tokyo Motor Show 2005 with the presentation of the EcoRacer: Just three months elapsed between the start of prototype development and the first successful drive of the two-seater. After seven months the concept car was completed and could be driven without limitations – and this included an extremely sporty and safe chassis.


The impact of highly advanced research and development methods on production vehicles is currently demonstrated best by the new ESP functions "Steering Pulse" and "Trailer Stabilization", which are being implemented without additional charge in Volkswagen cars such as the Eos, Golf, Touran and Passat. Thanks to the Steering Pulse braking distance on roads with variable grip can be reduced by up to 10 percent. Trailer Stabilization prevents dangerous snaking of towed travel trailers and other trailers. No less pioneering is a worldwide innovation that will debut later in 2006 on the Touareg: ABSplus. This new anti-lock braking system was specially designed for sport utility vehicles to also drastically reduce braking distance on loose driving substrates such as sand, gravel or grass. And indeed with reductions of up to 20 percent! The clear plus in safety does not detract from vehicle dynamics in the least. And this is also progress: Bringing safety and driving fun into harmony. Volkswagen will continue to conduct research in this direction!


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Porsche Given Green Light to Increase Volkswagen Stake

Text from AFX News via Forbes.

BONN, Germany (AFX) - The German Cartel Office said it has cleared Porsche AG's increasing its stake in Volkswagen AG to 25.1 pct from 19 pct.

Cartel Office President Ulf Boege said he does not oppose the tie-up between the two companies because the overlaps are only in areas of sports cars and SUV vehicles.

In these areas, the office said, the two will not have any dominant market position and their positions will not be boosted at all.

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Volkswagen America o duce din ce in ce mai bine, revitalizandu-si incasarile. Printre modelele care au contribuit la acest lucru: noua Jetta, noul Passat, Golf GTi, si New Beetle facelift. ;)

Volkswagen of America Posts Six Months of Solid Sales


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