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Iulian C.

Audi Q5 - Optiune Homelink

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Iulian C.



Am încercat să setez telecomanda garaj (HomeLink) pentru Q5 şi, în ciuda faptului că am urmat paşii din manualul de utilizare, nu funcţionează.


Paşii urmaţi au fost: resetarea sistemului, mers cu telecomandă originală în faţa maşinii în preajma grilei, apăsat butoanele până au clipit semnalizările de trei ori; când am încercat să deschid garajul din maşină, nu merge.


Aveţi idee ce ar avea? S-a mai întâlnit careva cu situaţia asta?


Orice idee este binevenită :D

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NOTE: Some vehicles may require the ignition to be turned on or to the second (or “accessory” or ACC) position for training and/or operation of HomeLink®. It is also recommended that a new battery be replaced in the hand held transmitter of the device being trained to HomeLink® for quicker training and accurate transmission of the radio frequency.

Programming HomeLink

  1. For first time training, press and hold the two outer HomeLink® buttons, releasing only when the HomeLink® indicator light begins to flash after 20 seconds. (Do not perform this step when training the additional HomeLink® buttons.)
  2. Press the appropriate HomeLink® button I, II or III which you want to train and keep holding it until the indicator light starts flashing slowly. Once the indicator light starts flashing slowly, you may release the button. HomeLink® is now in "training mode."

    You will now have 5 minutes to train your hand held transmitter to the HomeLink® transmitter in the bumper.
  3. A6.jpgStand in front of your vehicle with the original hand held transmitter for the gate or garage door opener (or other device) that you wish to train.

    The transmitter unit to be trained is located beneath the right headlight.
  4. Hold the original hand held transmitter between 3-5 inches from the location described above, pointing at your car. NOTE: The distance between the hand held transmitter and the HomeLink® transmitter unit in the bumper depends on the system being trained. It may require several attempts at different distances in order to pick up the signal.
  5. Now press and hold the button on your original hand held transmitter while keeping your hazard warning lights in view. The hazard warning lights will blink three times to indicate that the training has been successful.

    Note: If the training time exceeds the five minutes, the hazard warning lights blink once. If this happens, you should repeat steps 2 to 5.
  6. Press and hold the trained HomeLink® button and observe the indicator light.
    • If the indicator light is solid/continuous, training is complete and your device should activate when the HomeLink® button is pressed and released.
    • If the indicator light blinks rapidly for 2 seconds and then turns a solid/continuous light, proceed with the following training instructions for a rolling code device. A second person may make the following steps quicker & easier.
  7. At the garage door opener receiver (motorhead unit) in the garage, locate the “learn” or “smart” button (usually near where the hanging antenna wire is attached to the unit). If there is difficulty locating the training button, reference the garage door opener’s manual, or contact us.
  8. Press and release the “learn” or “smart” button (the name and color of the button may vary by manufacturer). NOTE: Once the button is pressed, there are 30 seconds in which to initiate the next step.
  9. Return to the vehicle and firmly press and hold the trained HomeLink® button for two seconds and release. Repeat the “press/hold/release” sequence up to 3 times to complete the training process.

HomeLink® should now activate your device.

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